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Our Story

Hey, I'm Fay, and I'm one half of the team behind Dare or Drink. My partner, Dwayne, and I are an adventurous couple based in Atlanta, GA. We love to travel, go on adventures, and connect with awesome people. We're always looking for ways to push the limits of fun and excitement, but we noticed that there was one thing missing from our party games—they just weren't that fun.

That's when I had an idea. One night, at a party in early 2021, I saw an opportunity to create a drinking game that was not only fun, but also hilarious, risqué, and unforgettable. With Dwayne's help, we set out to make that vision a reality; a game designed for bold, adventurous, and open-minded people, just like ourselves.

We encountered setbacks, but we never gave up. We were determined to make the best party game on the market. After months of hard work, Dare or Drink was born—a game where friends could challenge each other to do dares that were uncomfortable, outrageous, and downright hilarious.

But it wasn't just about making a fun game. It was about creating something that brought people together and created unforgettable memories. We believe that life is all about experiences and the people you share them with. We wanted to make a game that would help people break down barriers, let loose, and connect with each other in a way that they never had before.

That's why we poured our hearts and souls into Dare or Drink. We started selling it out of our garage, but soon word started to spread. People loved it! They told their friends, posted pictures and videos of themselves playing on social media, and before we knew it, we had a loyal following. 

We're so proud of what we've created, and we're humbled by the support that we've received from thousands of people all over the world. Every time someone buys Dare or Drink, they're not just buying a game—they're supporting a small business that's dedicated to bringing people together and creating unforgettable experiences. We're grateful for every single one of our customers, and we're committed to continuing to make the best freakin' party game on the market.

So, if you're looking for a game that's guaranteed to make you laugh, create memories, and bring you closer to the people you love, look no further than Dare or Drink. Grab yours today at!